May 2016

MILESTONE researchers meet Luciana Berger, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, to discuss the issues around transition from CAMHS services in the UK. Luciana is keen to support initiatives that address mental health issues in the UK, such as the gap between services for young people and adults.

From left to right: Ms Priya Tah (Research Associate, University of Warwick), Dr Cathy Street (Service user consultant MILESTONE), Luciana Berger, Amanda Tuffrey (Young Project Advisor MILESTONE), Dr Paramala Santosh (King's College London)


April 2016

In an exclusive interview for ESCAP Online professor Patrick McGorry (Australia) - MILESTONE SCEAB member takes an activist point of view on the access of young people to mental health services — he observes “a massive double standard between mental illness and somatic illness.”  Specifically in their transition from youth to adulthood, adolescents with mental health problems often meet the care system at its weakest.

Professor McGorry will present a keynote lecture at the ESCAP 2017 Geneva Congress. Read the Patrick McGorry interview and view the Transition video.

November 2015

Royal College of Psychiatrists Awards 2015: Paramala Santosh's clinical team (KCL) won the Royal College of Psychiatrists "Team of the Year Award 2015 - children and adolescents".

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