Project leader

Tomislav Franić MD, PhD,

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,School of Medicine, University of Split

Project staff

Nikolina Davidović, Psychologist

Research Assistant

Katarina Dodig Ćurković, MD, PhD

Prof. Romilda Roje

Subspecialist in Clinical Psychology,
Specialist in Diagnosticand Clinical Work within CAMHS.

Dr. Zeljka Karin

Specialist in School Medicine
Assistant at the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Split
President of the Croatian Association of School and University Medicine.
Head of Service for School and University Medicine, Institute of Public Health, Split, Dalmatian County .

Institute presentation

Klinicki bolnicki centar Split (KBC Split) is, overall, one of the largest university hospitals in Croatia. It serves as a clinical educational base for the School of Medicine, University of Split. The catchment area with more then 500 000 inhabitants (100 000 aged under 21 years) is the largest in Croatia. The Department of Psychiatry has two Child and Adolescent Psychiatry teams with strong clinical experience; it receives more than 2 500 outpatient visits per year and has a central position in connecting different service components (for example, the Department of Pediatrics, school medicine, social care and the courts) which may have a role in transition to adult mental health care. Besides clinical work, the University Hospital is engaged in robust scientific work involving national and international collaborations. Latter has resulted in published works and ongoing international projects in developing countries (for example “The Quality of Life (QOL) and Substance Use (SU) Among High School Students in Developing Countries: A Pilot Study of the International Child Mental Health Study Group (ICMH-Study Group) and “The ICMH Study II Lifetime Trauma and Stressful Life Events as Related to Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents from Developing Countries: ICMH Study Group Initiative”.

Additional information

KBC is responsible (together with University of Ulm and Concentris) for WP7 – Project Dissemination, KBC is also engaged in all other WPs according to the study protocol (mapping the services, patient recruitment for a cohort study, RCT study, training, etc).