Project leader

Dr. Athanasios Maras (MD, PhD)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Director of Yulius Academy

Project staff

Mathilde Overbeek

Larissa van Bodegom

Research Assistant

Institute presentation

Yulius Academy is the department of Research, Innovation and Education of Yulius Mental Health Organisation. Yulius is a large expert organisation in the southwest region of the Netherlands that offers mental health services which supports patients in every stage of their life. Yulius Mental Health Organisation has 2300 employees, 70 locations offering residential clinical or day-clinical care and outpatient services, about 19.000 patients in care in 2012, an intake capacity of 677 beds and almost 300.000 outpatient contacts in 2012. Yulius Academy focuses on improving mental health services through research and innovative projects. The vision of the Academy is to implement projects that will create a link between clinical practice and research and to achieve top clinical mental health care. The Academy started in 2007 and has already successfully accomplished different awarded projects.

The research team of the Academy conducts research on contemporary issues in mental health and Special (primary and secondary) Education. A variety of partnerships has been established between the Academy and external partners in order to implement international research. The research team consists of experienced and also young and ambitious researchers. The staff has a significant number of psychiatrists, a team of researchers and research assistants and administrative staff that supports the activities of the Academy. There are almost 100 employees linked to the Yulius Academy including 2 (part-time) full professors, 1 associate professor, 10 post docs and currently 8 PhD students.

Main tasks attributed in the project Yulius Academy, Rotterdam will coordinate WP3 in collaboration with the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. Our main task will be the local execution and project coordination of a multisite study of the longitudinal course of subjects who are enrolled in CAMHS and who reach the age boundary when these services no longer will be provided. Subjects will be assessed at baseline and at several moments within two year follow up after CAMHS has ended. Data collection will take place across different sites in eight European countries and will be coordinated by us. In collaboration with Erasmus MC, The Netherlands, we will collect data on subjects enrolled in CAMHS both at the Yulius Mental Health Organisation and at participating mental health services in the Southwest of The Netherlands. The sampling for the longitudinal study will be combined by the selection of subjects for the Cluster RCT (WP4).