Project leader

Prof. Paramala Santosh

Project staff

Kate Lievesley

Institute presentation

Founded in January 2012, HealthTracker Ltd is an SME, which focuses on developing health-based, web and IT solutions. It is involved in adapting the web-based HealthTracker platform to assist in developing and hosting web-based solutions for projects dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Brain Tumours, Suicidality, and Neuro-oncology.

The Directors of HealthTracker Ltd have extensive research experience as outlined below. Dr Paramala Santosh and Professor Paul Gringras have been involved in many multi-centred clinical trials and have developed many instruments and adapted them for web-based usage, some of which are being used in the STOP Project. Mr Nick Penkov, Director, HealthTracker Ltd, has had extensive experience in IT-based banking solutions and predictive decision making solutions.

Additional information

HealthTracker Ltd participates in WP2 and will assist web-based TROMs and TRaM assessments and datacapture using the HealthTracker platform. It will assist in improving the user interface, contribute to design, help with building a web-based training video for the use of the HealthTracker platform, and support the running of the platform.