08 Januar 2020

WP3 Statistical Analysis Plan - Now available for download!

London, UK

Click on the image to access the WP3 statistical analysis plan 

The MILESTONE statistical analysis plan (SAP) of work package 3 is now available for download. The SAP covers the details of the statistical analyses that address all MILESTONE aims and objectives.

The first aim of MILESTONE was to describe the mental health of young people reaching the transition boundary of their child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) as an indication of their need for continued mental health care. The second aim was to describe young people’s transition trajectories and to determine how these trajectories relate to mental health outcomes. The third aim was to investigate young people’s experiences with the transition to adult mental health services (AMHS).

23 September 2019

"I am the loneliness of 4 am" - Video

London, UK

Vimeo Video - click on the image to watch the video (no password required)

Poetry is a powerful medium for expressing difficult and complex feelings and in this short film, the MILESTONE team, assisted by a professional poet, created a poem that captures the fears and sense of isolation that young people can experience when faced with making the transition from one mental health service to another.

The poem is accompanied by a number of MILESTONE’s researchers and Young Project Advisors presenting young people’s experiences of transition and key recommendations for improving transition. 

16 December 2019

"Lost In Transit" -  Video

London, UK

Vimeo Video by MILESTONE & STAMP  - click on the image to access the video (password: milestone1)

The MILESTONE team worked with STAMP, a UK film company specialising in turning research findings into accessible film and drama pieces, to develop a short film that examines the challenges of good transitional mental health care.

With real-life experiences of young people weaved throughout, the film presents the perspectives of young people, their parents and carers and the health professionals working with them. 

Are you entering adulthood and soon too old for child healthcare? How can we help you with your transition into adult healthcare?

We are a group of researchers and mental health experts from 8 different European countries with a special interest in young people’s mental health and what happens when young people need to move from a service, often one for children and young people, to a service for adults – a process often referred to as ‘transition’. Poor or disjointed support and care at this point has been reported in many countries and is a policy concern of many governments. In order to find out the best ways of helping young people transition, over the last three years we have been getting in touch with young people approaching the transition phase of care to invite them to join the MILESTONE study. Young people, their parents and carers and the clinicians working with them, have all been contributing their knowledge and experiences of transition, including trying out a new suite of tools for monitoring young people’s outcomes.

2018 is the start of our final study year and to date, we have succeeded in recruiting over 1000 young people  and over 900 parents and carers. We have completed three of the four rounds of data gathering and we are now embarking on the final round of outcomes monitoring and follow-up assessments. All being well, we expect to complete our information gathering by 31th December 2018 and will then begin a cross-country programme of sharing our findings and learning from the study.

If you are one of the participants in the MILESTONE study, we would like to thank you for your continued support and contributions. We are very grateful! If you have not been involved, we hope that you will keep watching for our study findings which we hope will make a real difference to improving transition for all young people in contact with mental health services and their parents and carers.


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