Project staff

Professor Frank Verhulst, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair of the Department of
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Gwen Dieleman, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Head of
the outpatient department Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Suzanne Gerritsen, MSc

Research Assistant

Institute presentation

Erasmus University Medical Centre is the largest university medical centre in the Netherlands and is known for its high quality epidemiological and public health research. The department of child and adolescent psychiatry consists of clinical facilities (outpatient department, child residential clinic and an adolescent psychiatric clinic), teaching and research facilities. Research in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry mainly consists of general population and clinical epidemiology and is part of the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences (NIHES). The department of child and adolescent psychiatry has a 30-year track of epidemiological research and is internationally known for its work. The main activities pertain to longitudinal epidemiological research and research on diagnostic assessments, with an emphasis on multiple informant assessment of psychopathology from childhood into adulthood. The department is leading in Europe as far as standardized diagnostic assessment procedures are concerned and is one of the strongest centres in Europe of etiological epidemiological research in the field of child psychopathology. The department leads the behavioural/cognitive section of a large-scale longitudinal birth cohort, GenerationR, which is internationally known for its innovative methodology and results. The department of child and adolescent psychiatry has a strong research tradition; currently it has about 35 PhD students and a research staff of 4 professors, 2 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 2 research child psychiatrists, and 4 postdocs. The department is involved in teaching medical students and psychology students. Each year the department produces about 50 peer reviewed articles and an average of 3 PhDs. The research group has a separate floor of about 500 square meters dedicated to research with high quality technical facilities for data collection and analyses.

The department of child and adolescent psychiatry at Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, will coordinate WP3 in collaboration with Yulius mental health centre in the Netherlands. Our main task will be the study of the longitudinal course of subjects who are enrolled in CAMHS and who reach the age boundary at which these services will no longer be provided. Some will move to AMHS, some will be enrolled in other types of services and some will remain without any services. Subjects will be assessed at baseline and at multiple times after CAMHS has ended. Data collection will take place across different sites in different European countries and will be coordinated by us. In collaboration with Yulius mental health centre, The Netherlands, we will collect data on subjects enrolled in CAMHS. The sampling for the longitudinal study will be combined b y the selection of subjects for the Cluster RCT (WP4).